5 Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

Our top five reasons to become ISO 9001 certified

Why Should You Get ISO 9001 Certification?

ISO is internationally recognised as the standard for quality management inside a business. It serves the purpose of showing that the business cares for its services and products. In addition, ISO 9001 is for the customer’s benefit, ensuring their expectations and needs are met.

Many businesses today have implemented or are looking to implement ISO 9001; why should you? This article will cover our top five benefits of having ISO 9001 certification.

Higher chance of receiving new clients

By having ISO 9001 certification, you are already opening yourself up to securing better and long-lasting partnerships with public and private companies. Showing your ISO certificate on your website is a huge bonus and something that signals you’re a highly credible business. It shows that your business cares about quality, which can be relied on throughout all business sectors.

Lower insurance costs

Becoming certified with ISO 9001 can lead to much lower insurance premiums! This is because many insurers will recognise that a business/organisation puts in effort around the services you provide. As well as this, there is usually a reduced risk of claims thanks to good business practices.

Better customer satisfaction

A huge factor of the ISO 9001 standard is monitoring customer satisfaction rates and any issues arising from a bad experience. If a customer raises a support or complaint ticket, the certification shows that you take any uprising issues seriously on the customer’s end.

Continued improvement over time

This is a less spoken-about benefit but is great for the continuous growth of your business. Using trend analysis, you can spot areas for improvement down the line to stay ahead of your close competition! Again, the ISO 9001 certification provides the perfect foundation for yearly improvements.

Improving work-flow in the business

As the standard for quality management, ISO 9001 can help a company become aware of areas for improvement in the workspace. With this constantly improving, your employers will also become more engaged in their roles and have higher morale. If you continue to work at reducing inefficiencies, eventually, they will all trickle away, and you will have essentially optimised your business practices for both products and services!

Interested in becoming ISO Certified?

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