Aerospace – AS9100

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Aerospace – AS9100

Many businesses that provide services and products for the aviation, space, and defence
industries strive to obtain AS9100 certification because the aerospace sector has
particular criteria for quality control. This standard establishes requirements for quality
management systems with the difficulties of the aerospace sector in mind.

What is Aerospace – AS9100?

AS9100 is needed for a quality management system when a company wants to show that
it can consistently provide goods that satisfy customers and any applicable legal and
regulatory requirements. Doing business with many manufacturers and suppliers in the
worldwide aerospace industry is dependent upon their AS9100 Certification

Who Does Aerospace AS9100 Apply To?

As a sector-specific quality management system standard, AS9100 is primarily used by
businesses that produce goods and offer services to the aerospace, military, and space
sectors. Any company that works in the aerospace industry or has aerospace partners is
subject to the AS9100 standard, including:

• Manufacturers of materials and aviation components
• Aeronautical component and assembly designers
• Groups for quality management that work with aerospace manufacturers
• Other businesses doing regular or sporadic work in the aerospace sector

Although it is not required by legislation, AS9100 certification is frequently necessary for
efficient participation in the aerospace, defence, and space industries. In addition,
achieving AS9100 certification might open doors to major OEMs and other supply chain



Benefits of AS9100

• It offers a simple structure for adding AS9100 industry specific requirements.
• A prerequisite for becoming part of the supply chain for the aerospace industry.
• Third-party confirmation of your commitment to offering top-notch goods and services.
• Customer satisfaction is a key component of both AS9100 and ISO9001.
• Registered access to aerospace supply chains through the IAQG Oasis Certified
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