Testing & Calibration – ISO 17025

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Testing & Calibration – ISO 17025

With the help of ISO 17025, laboratories can prove that they run efficiently and produce reliable findings, boosting trust in their work domestically and internationally. Promoting a wider acceptance of results between nations also assists in facilitating collaboration between laboratories and other organisations. Without additional testing, test reports and certifications can be accepted from one nation to the next, enhancing international trade.

Who Can Use ISO 17025?

Any organisation that does testing, sampling, or calibration and seeks accurate findings should consider using ISO 17025. This covers all kinds of laboratories run by the government, businesses, or any other group. The standard is also helpful for organisations that need testing, sampling, or calibration, such as universities, research centres, governments, regulators, inspection authorities, product certification organisations, and other conformity assessment agencies.

Benefits of ISO 17025

  • Improved national and international reputation of the laboratory (this increases the
    workload and the turnover of the lab)
  • Reliable findings are supported by documentation that clients can rely on (which
    means that external audits from customers can be reduced).
  • Established traceability to National Standards.
  • The laboratory’s efficient and customer-focused operations.
  • Appreciation of staff members’ abilities (calibration technicians and approved
    signatories are inspected by the assessors).
  • Reassurance that the standard equipment is appropriate for the measurements
    maintained properly and regularly inspected.
  • An established and recorded budget for unpredictability.

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