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Structural metal components or steel – CE Marking

BS EN 1090 (CE Marking) Structural Steel

If your organisation is involved in the manufacture of structural metal components or kits from 01 July 2014 you will need to demonstrate that your products comply with BS EN 1090.

From this date all respective steel products must comply with this standard and manufacturers will need to prove product conformance through mandatory CE marking. After this date it will be a criminal offence to supply and trade structural metalwork on the European market unless it adheres to this standard and carries a legitimate CE mark.

CE Marking is simply a declaration by a manufacturer that a product meets a set of essential characteristics thereby ensuring public safety. It is also a requirement of the Construction Products Regulation to harmonise the safety performance of construction products across the EU CE Marking is however regulated by criminal law and the penalties for not adhering to this mandate may result in fine, imprisonment or product recall.

Being awarded a CE Mark

To successfully be awarded a CE Mark you will be required to have the following in place…

  • ISO 9001 or an equivalent quality management system
  • A Factory Production Control system (FPC)

If your organisation is already certified to ISO 9001 and you have been audited by a UKAS accredited body then your processes will already be compliant with the requirements of CE Marking. This means that you can apply directly for the FPC assessment.

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