Energy Management – ISO 50001

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Energy Management – ISO 50001

The newly revised international standard for energy management, ISO 50001, offers
the strongest framework for maximising energy efficiency in organisations in the public
and private sectors. An organisation’s dedication to continuous improvement in energy management is
demonstrated by ISO 50001 certification. This enables them to set the bar high within
their respective industries and guarantee compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory
standards. Additionally, it will give businesses a benchmark to use to guarantee compliance with UK
law’s Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) standards.

Certification to ISO 50001

Like other ISO management system standards, ISO 50001 certification is optional but not
required. Some businesses choose to adopt the standard just for its advantages. Others
want certification to demonstrate to outside parties that they have implemented an energy
management system.

Benefits of Energy Management – ISO 50001

• Reduced energy costs.
• Business credentials.
• Improved reputation.
• Assistance with meeting environmental targets.
• Assistance with legal compliance.

Who Does The Standard Apply To?

No matter what industry they are in, any business that uses energy should comply with
ISO 50001. Organisations of any size, kind, complexity, setting and organisational culture
are covered.
It applies to the organisation’s managed and controlled energy performance initiatives. No
matter how much, what kind, or for what objectives an organisation uses energy, they can
utilise it. Although ISO 50001 calls for constant improvement in energy performance, it
does not specify the minimum standards a company must meet.
The standard enables businesses to apply it alone or in conjunction with already-existing
management standards.

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