How Can ISO 9001 Help Aerospace And Defence Companies?

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When you decide to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) in aerospace and defence companies, you may come across conflicting information about the variety of standards to choose from: ISO 9001:2015 or Aerospace – AS9100. Although AS9100 is written uniquely for aerospace and defence companies, ISO
9001:2015 also has various benefits. It is intended for use by any organisation in any industry. So what one do you choose? Here we will discuss how ISO 9001 Certification help aerospace and defence companies.

Differences between ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100

9001:2015 and AS9100ISO 9001 provides QMS requirements for any company, which are realised and maintained by the International Organisation for Standardisation. ISO 9001 is not restricted to the aerospace industry, unlike AS9100, which is uniquely designed for aerospace, space and defence organisations.

The two standards are related by AS9100 and include all requirements of ISO 9001:2015, including the document’s structure, which adds additional requirements for aviation, space and defence. These additional aerospace requirements are highlighted in the document so you can see what was added on and what originally came from ISO 9001. Therefore, to comply with the AS9100 requirements, you must meet all requirements within ISO 9001.

Due to this, if you do not need to implement the additional aerospace requirements (included in AS 9100). Then you can still gain the benefits of a QMS based on recognised practices using the requirements of ISO 9001. In addition, if AS9100 becomes a must for your QMS in the long run, it is easy to add the processes needed to comply with the standard.

Importance Of ISO 9001 In Aerospace And Defence Companies

The aerospace and defence organisation has a variety of rules that must be met at the same time. A range of requirements is placed by the clients to be handled properly. This is where ISO9001 Certification comes in handy as a ready-to-use tool to build your QMS.

Using ISO 9001 as a base of your QMS, you can provide a system set of processes that will effectively handle customers’ requirements. In addition, implementing ISO 9001:2015 allows for a properly streamlined approach to providing products and services.

When implementing ISO 9001:2015, you will see an increased level of improvements within the processes available, eventually leading to consistency in product and service delivery. In addition, you will also have increased awareness about the links between inputs and outputs, allowing you to have more control and management over your business.

Use ISO 9001 To Help Build Consistency

Having a better understanding of your processes becomes better process consistency. This leads to an enhanced use of resources and a more consistent product or service delivered to your customers.

You can gain better customer credibility, leading to customer satisfaction and retention, by using ISO 9001 as the core of your QMS processes. You can also have better decision making with an evidence-based approach and enhance your processes overall along the way.

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