How To Hire The Right ISO Consultant

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How To Hire The Right ISO Consultant

If you’re looking to become ISO certified, you may soon find out that it is a long, daunting process. In fact, most organisations and companies choose to hire external ISO consultants, simply because it reduces stress, and the certification process is much more cost-efficient.

Unfortunately, there are many many options across the internet of consultants to choose from. So how do you make the correct choice? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the main points to consider when choosing your consultant.

In short, you should be looking to partner with a consultant who:

  • Can process and deliver you the correct ISO certification
  • A consultant who can understand your business on a personal level
  • One that can offer support and advice throughout the process, as well as after the certification has been achieved

To make this simpler to understand, we’ll break down these points in this blog.

Understand what kind of support or resources you need

If you’re starting from scratch, an ISO consultant can help you perform a “gap analysis” on where your business/organisation currently stands. They can help you get up to speed with the current ISO requirements for certification.

If you’re closer along the road to becoming certified, a consultant can help review your business operations before it reaches an audit. Once this has been achieved, they will help you submit an application ready for final audit, or carry it out themselves.

If you’re unsure of where your business stands in terms of what support you need, feel free to give us a call or contact us here.

Scouting companies that can give you a reliable consultant

There are options nowadays for offline or online consultants – however, it is actually best practice to request a physical visit to your organisation by an ISO consultant. The simple reason for this is that they can firsthand experience and get a better picture of how you run your business day-to-day.

They can help incorporate the ISO standards into your work operations and suggest how to improve on certain aspects of it. It’s important to remember that ISO consultancies will make big claims on their website. While they may be true, it’s always a good idea to look at recent testimonies and reviews on websites such as Trustpilot to be sure.

Furthermore, one of the best things you can do is actually ask industry peers. For example, if you’re in the website design field, it may be worth asking related businesses who are ISO certified who they chose to help them get certified. Don’t ask your direct competitors however, as they may not give you the best advice!

See if they’ll be a good fit for your business

A good ISO consultant will always be flexible to fit your requirements, however, it’s still a good idea to consider how their experience and past certifications will get the best out of your organisation. Below are a few bullet points to keep in mind:

  • What size company are they used to working with?
  • How will this affect their approach to ISO consultancy?
  • Do they support you after getting certified?
  • What is their time estimate on becoming certified?

Finally, remember to have a thorough look around before choosing the right ISO consultant. Depending on your industry, try searching something like “finance iso certification”, or whatever your business relates to at the start of the query. This will help narrow down the ISO providers to those who work specifically in that field of work.

If you’re interested in our ISO management services, feel free to get in touch today for a free consultation! You can find our website here, learn more about our management services, or contact us today and find out how we can help you in becoming certified.

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